This screencast will show you the key features of SUBERNOVA that will make your work life easier.

For a better experience, watch this screencast in fullscreen. Enjoy!

  • Days Left

    How much time do I have left for all my projects? Which are my priorities?

  • Milestones & Tasks

    Assign milestones / tasks to team members and vice versa.

  • Invoices & Estimates

    Spend less time creating and managing invoices & estimates, focus more on what you do best.

  • Schedule Emails

    Schedule an email to my client at a more appropriate time / date. Notify me when email is read.

  • Time Tracker

    Easily track my time when I need to so that I can charge a project by time.

  • Remind Me

    Email or push notify me on my iPhone when a project or milestone is due or soon to be due.

Best app for
my business.

- Tony Mamo
- Mark Allen
Loving the app so far, not too bloated, and not too barebones. Perfect fit for me.
- Andy Staple
SUBERNOVA is amazing for tracking time and projects. Highly recommend it!
- Sharon McMullen
Incredibly useful!
Great for invoicing and estimating.

- FunkBunk
Looks like it might replace Freshbooks and Basecamp for about a third of the price.
- Daelan Wood